Kevin Griffin is an accomplished singer/songwriter who never fails at keeping his audience entertained. Based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, Kevin is a favorite at both local and regional venues, winning new fans at every show. Kevin’s balance of his original songs and a fan favorite collection of cover music gets the crowd partying.

Kevin first picked up the guitar at 16 and joined his first band at 17, and he’s never looked back. “It’s not part of who I am.. it is who I am.” Over the years he’s enjoyed playing bass guitar, both acoustic and electric guitars, and keyboard, but my his focus has been on lyrics and vocal melodies. Songwriting is his number one love followed by singing as a close second.

Kevin says he started song writing as a way to impress a girl and claims there’s “always a girl.” His music is very personal, and he pours out his heart in a song. His first album was all about heartache and loss, and he used his own relationships as the inspiration.

He is currently working on his second album, due for release in fall 2018. The album showcases his songwriting talent while taking listeners on a roller coaster ride of emotions with songs ranging from the edgy strained relationship track “Hollow” to the touching love song “Here To Stay.”

“Although he established himself as a more-than-capable cover artist, his heart lies with his original material, which he’s polished to a pop-rock shine.”

The Daily Times

On learning to play music

“I was never really interested in learning all the ins and outs. I just wanted to create something. I think sometimes it takes away the magic. There’s a mystery when you don’t exactly know what you’re doing because you don’t know that it’s wrong.”


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